“I am fascinated by time, old instruments, intricate machinery, mathematics, the laws of physics and our connection to past, present and future. I study a lot and I feel more and more that philosophy on its own can no longer answer the deeper questions we have about the meaning of life, of our existence. So I bring science into my art. By understanding the laws of physics and how the universe works we might, one day, while never fully reach it, come closer to an answer.

Scientists are to my mind the new heroes of our times, replacing the gods, saints and kings of past, unsung workers toiling away in a constant search for answers, mapping the boundaries of our universe. As an artists I see myself as a natural partner to scientists, a probe in parallel universes, a satellite exploring alternative existences, artistically pushing towards uncharted, un-thought about spheres.

The art I create explores humankind’s use and at times abuse of its allocated – and really just by chance – inheritance on this planet. It is about the emergence of civilizations and ideas and even more so, about emerging patterns of collapse as well as possible solutions. Chaos is hidden but ever present, the world is seemingly in perfect balance yet ever on the verge of collapse.

I am interested in exploring the intersection of art, science, technology and sociology. Can art help science and philosophy? Can art help humanity find answers to fundamental questions about our stay here on Earth? Can art help in finding solutions?

Each of my projects, developed as a series, is part of my quest to identify and to pinpoint essential moments of our existence. Each series is a narrative that explores themes such as the rise and collapse of civilizations, the concept of change and evolving nature of our lives, humans as aspiring entities at transcendence into another realm, the working of our minds and implacability of fate.”

The Artist

Born in a small town in Romania, Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu built his first camera out of a shoe box. His early work survived only in his imagination. Presently he lives in Toronto where he pursues his lifelong passions: fine arts painting and photography, philosophy and astrophysics.

Florin’s formal introduction to art was through the study of both photography and cinematography in Romania. He has completed professional projects in film direction and editing, photographic portraits and essays. He is a self-taught painter.

Finding beauty in truth and truth in beauty is at the core of Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu’s work. In the evolutionary timelines of civilizations, in the slow decay of societies, in the laws of nature that affect everything from molecules to galaxies, the artist is an explorer fascinated by it all.