“The Universe Vibrates”  is a narrative about the mysteries of the Universe and our struggle to understand and decipher them.

Scientists are to my mind the new heroes of our times, replacing the gods, saints and kings of past, unsung workers toiling away in a constant search for answers, mapping the boundaries of our universe. As an artist I see myself as a natural partner to scientists, a probe in parallel universes, a satellite exploring alternative existences, artistically pushing towards uncharted, un-thought about spheres.

The central character of the series is the “proto-scientist”, who does not possesses superpowers or magic tools. Humanity has never been saved by miracles. What we need is a never-ending curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, tools to help us understand and interpret the great unknown…and visionary artists…


Glimpse into the Mind of Time

Glimpse into the Mind of Time, oil on canvas stretched on panel, 60 x 42 inches


Distant mind probe into the palm of your hand, oil on canvas, 48 x 72 inches


Probe into morphing dimensions, oil on canvas, 48 x 96 inches


Forging Space-Time

Forging Space-Time, oil on canvas stretched on panel, 42 x 60 inches


The Neverending Quest for Knowledge

The Neverending Quest for Knowledge, oil on lined glued on dibond panel, 85 x 145 inches