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Opening reception – THE UNIVERSE VIBRATES, September 16th, 2017

“Thank you for your work, your amazing mind and the opportunity to see this fascinating exhibition” – Alan T.

“What a unique exhibition, what an extraordinary journey! Many thanks for allowing me a glimpse into the unknown and into your amazing mind!” – Susan B.

“Provocative! Fascinating! Absolutely riveting! BRAVO!” – MargoL, Toronto

“Amazing how well you captured the impossibility of using in a curved universe instruments designed to draw straight lines.” – LianeRC

Mr. Puiu Popescu, the wonderful and enthusiastic director of “Observatorul” newspaper.

“A real Beautiful Mind!” – John McGregor

“One day, in the near future we will all wonder how the mysteries of life and the universe have been discovered. It is all captured in Florin Zamfirescu’s art, for generations to come…We love your art!” Mirela and BogdanB.

“One of the most rewarding visits to an art gallery that we have experienced! Your talent, passion and knowledge have blended into fantastic art that touches hearts and minds alike! – Liliana and Victor

“Phenomenal artistic vision! Thank you for sharing it!” – LisaS.

“Another fantastic exhibition combining art and science. In the name of future generations THANK YOU!” Lili and CristiC, Toronto

“Unexpected stories, hidden meanings, wonderful links between art and science.” – Andrew

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rita and jeff rayman —

we loved the show and our private audience with the creative genius! xo

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Rose-Marie Constantin —

Felicitari pentru expozitie!
Ai demonstrat ca identificandu-ti pasiunea iti poti construi inteligent viitorul si ca poti avea succes depasind granitele domeniului de baza si suprapunand stiinte atat de diferite.
Expozitia The Universe Vibrates uneste atat de fascinant arta cu stiinta, indeamna la viziune, interogatii, repozitionari fata de lumea noastra si marea lume a Universurilor, intr-o stare in care spatiile,distantele si timpul se contopesc si parca nu mai exista.
Iti transmit ganduri bune si iti doresc multa inspiratie si creativitate in proiectele de viitor.
Rose-Marie Constantin, Buzau,Romania

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