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“ACTIVE SURPLUS: A GROUP EXHIBITION” – Projector Gallery, Mirvish Village, Toronto

In a world of big corporations and sealed electronics we no longer know what is going on inside a product. Most of us don’t really understand how cell phones work, where is the world wide web residing, how the internet truly functions. “You don’t have to know” appears to be a common saying nowadays…

Well, Active Surplus was a place where that saying did not quite apply, for me at least, it was one of the places in Toronto where I could both discover and imagine the inner working of things. It was also a place where ideas could become reality…

That is where, many fine days, I searched for and found the perfect bits and pieces from which to construct small scale sculptures out of lenses, gears, copper wires, electronic components or never heard-never seen before objects. Those sculptures are now fundamental elements in my new series of photographs: “Lanes of Quantum Memories”, an artistic exploration of the visual landscape of our thoughts, ideas, memories.

Drop by Projector Gallery, 592 Markham Rd, Nov 19 – December 3rd  2015, to join me and other artists that made Active Surplus a starting point in their journey towards creating beautiful, unexpected, thought-provoking art.

MORE DETAILS: “Active Surplus: A Group Exhibition” presents and explores the intersection of technology, spirit, and the convergence of past, present and future. This exhibition celebrates Active Surplus and exhibits some of the many artists who found their inspiration in its shelves. These selected works show the range of creativity and the spirit of experimentation that made Active Surplus a landmark in Toronto for over 50 years.

WHERE: Projector Gallery, 592 Markham St, Toronto

Opening Nov 19 6-9pm  Daily Wed-Sat 11am-6pm   Sun 11am-5pm

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