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Behind the scenes: getting ready for “Lanes of Quantum Memories”

Together with gallery owner Teodora Pica, preparing for the opening: proportions, spacing, laser measurements, placement decisions, up and down the ladder, measuring, visual flow, changing one’s mind, deciding on lighting, where are the labels, measuring again, is the writing straight, that photo is crooked, the window display, measuring yet again …setting up an art show is an art in itself, as well as a show so make sure you have a photographer to capture it all!

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Nina Beveridge

It makes sense that your new exhibit is transported and mounted with the same precision, care and attention to detail that you apply to your entire creative process. I look forward to coming to the opening. Congratulations!

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Luba Lesychyn

Thank you for sharing these photos. What a great idea! So sorry that I will miss the opening. My life went from 0 to 60 in the last month and I have been having some time challenges. And as a result, I did not notice the double-booking I had made. Best of luck and success.

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