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Opening reception “Excerpts from the Book of Entropy” @ TeodoraART Gallery

“Your work is absolutely beautiful and thought provoking. I have always believed that the answers to the Universe lie in physics but perhaps we need artists like you to unlock them. Congratulations!” Bridgette

_DSC9649 “I so loved all the amazing photographs, especially combined with Florin’s great talk, enthusiasm, talent and intellect! I knew I studied science for a reason and so often and in such unexpected ways I am reminded ….of the fact that it did and continues to make the world, the universe and everything make sense to me. I am constantly in awe of its simultaneous enormity and “miniscule-ity” and the power and beauty inherent in both.” Nancy



“What amazing photographs! I love the new life you have given these objects, under such exquisitely placed light.” Domnita and Eugen




“Your mastery of light and shadow provides both illumination and mystery. Bravo!! I wish my physics text had been illustrated in such beautiful ways.” Kathryn and Sheldon




” Absolutely wonderful! Each picture reveals wonderful textures and there is a warmth to the light that I loved. It was fantastic to learn about your process, from idea to execution.” Alex V.



“I love your photographs! The light and texture is spectacular and the concept fascinating. Thank you.” Steven W.



“Florin has managed to capture the concept of art, science and philosophy in an emotionally evocative and beautiful statement that moves equally and multi directionally through physical and  intellectual space and time!” Jeff R.



“Loved your colours, textures and how each photograph made me wonder and dream for a brief moment in our ever forward-flowing, too short and speedy days.” Juliana



“Absolutely stunning composition. I love how each photograph has a touch of music :). Beautiful work. Congrats.” Miruna C.







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