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” Because of my equal love for art and science I often wander, like a Don Quixote, into the realm of one, hoping to find inspiration or answers for the other. Once a worthwhile concept is found and then gets crystallized the artist in me takes over, to guide my thoughts, my eyes and my hands towards achieving a new series of works.  All this time the above processes are stamped with a “loneliness” mark. Only when the artwork is presented to the public the artist gets to interact and to know the reaction of viewers. And you, my guest, have given me last night the most wonderful gifts of all: your presence and appreciation. I could not have dreamed for more.”

Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu

Opening LOQM-12

“A wonderful collection of images, unexpected hidden treasures, meanings, details that shine and hide in mysterious shadows, brilliantly put in the scene by a magnificent artist. Real Magic!” Monica F.

Opening LOQM-4

“Thank you for inviting us to explore the depths of your mind; the memories, emotions, and yes, the beautiful madness. As always this has been wonderfully unexpected.”  Shanaaz G.

Opening LOQM-14

“Thank you once again for your masterful and intriguing exploration of life through your extraordinary lens. ” Kathryn B.

Opening LOQM-5

“… a wonderful glimpse into Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu’s art and thinking.” Doru L.

Opening LOQM-3

” Amazing and beautiful! Up close is great but when looking from afar it has a liquid movement. Masterful!”  Kasia

Opening LOQM-6

“Very honored to be here enjoying your amazing art.” Nora L.

Opening LOQM-28

“This exhibition appears to be a glimpse into your own mind. A very warped mind. And I say this in the best possible way. Magical!”  Patrick F.

Opening LOQM-27

“This is a milestone in your magnificent growth as an artist. We wish you all the best in your artistic travels!” Mirela, Bogdan and Philip B.

Opening LOQM-23

“This works remind me of the end of days, Creation and Destruction. So interesting to see Fibonacci in this context. Amazing Abstraction.”  Joanne J.

Opening LOQM-24

” Ma sprijin pe lumina/ Cu pensuli colorate/ Si vreau pe asimptote/Sa le ating pe toate”                                                                                                                                                    Puiu B.

Opening LOQM-19

“Thank you for the chance to hear from you, on your inspiration leading to this creation…” Nick B.

Opening LOQM-17

My youngest audience taking a nap between presentations:…and then ready for posing with the artist…

Opening LOQM-21

“This was a magical trip into someone’s dreams, perhaps my own…beautiful exhibit”     Julianna D.

Opening LOQM-16

” Original, out of ordinary, a light and shadow master.” Carmen&Lorin D.

Opening LOQM-11

“It is always exciting to see such a burst of imagination expressed through such stunning visuals. Very inspiring….”                                                                       Bogdan and Cristian C.

Opening LOQM-18

“Powerful, moving and inspirational expression of our human existence.”

Opening LOQM-13

“So beautiful, so complex, so alive. Tremendous exhibit!”  Lisa S.

Opening LOQM-10

“Thank you for your insightful ideas into human thought.” John H.

Opening LOQM-2

“Brilliant and thought-provoking as usual! Keep creating” Ken R.

Opening LOQM-7

“I see the face of a wolf in a watch gear…a topographical map in a  spring…iridescent filament in copper wire…there’s little control over how my neurons spark…lovely work.” Ray S.

Opening LOQM-22

A youngster ready to study quantum physics…

Opening LOQM-20

“Once again, you found a brilliant link between art and science…Art for the Mind and Spirit.”                                                                                                 Miruna, Liliana and Cristi C.

Opening LOQM-12

“When you visit an art gallery it opens up your mind to another universe. We need to dream, as you say, because we are humans.” Dana M.

Opening LOQM

“Congratulations! Keep your brilliant mind working.” Puiu P.

Opening LOQM-26

“Another great display of Art!” Lumi&Lucian H.

Opening LOQM-29

And more visitors later on…

Opening LOQM-30

“Thank you for the wonderful tour through your vision.” Grace W.

Opening LOQM-2-2

“Splendid. O mare placere.” Anca G.

Opening LOQM-3-2

“C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S* on a beautiful, rich, lush, thought-provoking show!  Nina, Paul&Jamie H.

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