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Stories and Photos around Nuit Blanche

October 4th was rather chilly but photography enthusiasts, art lovers and the curious braved the cold and came to TeodoraART Gallery some as early as 11am, others way, way later, all ready to embark on the promised “Storytelling for  Nuit Blanche”, an interactive journey engaging visitors  into creating their own stories about the photographs in the exhibition “Excerpts from the Book of Entropy”.

Below are a few of the stories as well as the objects and photographs that inspired them, with the artist’s many thanks  to all who participated for sharing their thoughts, imagination and creativity. Interspersed are photographs taken during the event.

Some stories for “Endurance and Fragility Under an Entropic Spell”:

Endurance and Fragility Under an Entropic Spell

“A few railroad spikes got fed up with the monotonous sound made by the trains and decided to break free and study music instead of being just spikes. They found an old music score, some glasses to help them read and a bottle with a genie inside.” DianeG.

“In the bottle sleeps a pink&blue butterfly. She wakes up when she hears music, flies out of the bottle and sprinkles with fairy dust everything around. Recently a new glass jar appeared but it does not seem to be lived in. Sounds and movements can be heard sometimes though. Who or what can it be?” MarthaV.

“He sipped his wine and wrote his music but the pounding noise outside his window drove him to distraction. Under a cover of darkness he went out when all was quiet and gathered each and everyone of the spikes so that the pounding will stop and the music could continue.”

“Fragile humanity protected in a breakable bottle; human beings with big eyes; search and research; leisure in the long wait for light; strong nails threaten every day’s life. A strong light can bring to life the old, fragile life caught in a bottle.” Lavinia

“Once there was a railroad transporting tobacco and cattle across the land. One day the railroad spikes decided they’ve had enough, the broke free and went in search of more fragile spirits.”. Emma

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Excerpts Nuit blanche -6

Excerpts Nuit blanche -20

Stories for “Asymmetric Time in Flautando”:

Asymmetric Time in Flautando

“In the beginning everything was standing vertically; once the bottle was finished the vertical though became horizontal and everything in sight – flute, violin case, book and bottle – all went to sleep.” ElenaD. 

“Inside the bottle lives a cricket. A bit of wine is still to be found at the bottom of the bottle and what can one do when temptation is near? The cricket sips wine from time to time and life seems better. His song is getting laaazy, but with spikes and lows unheard of before.” MikeL.

Excerpts Nuit blanche -59

Excerpts Nuit blanche -27

Excerpts Nuit blanche -8

Stories for “Unintended Acoustic Consequences”:

Unintended Acoustic Consequences

” For many years I have been lost, wondering how will I ever get home. Work is hard, life is hard. Music is the only thing keeping me here. I’m not sure what I’m hearing but it gets me up in the morning”.CK.

“The historian at the museum unearthed an old letter that he hoped might be able to shed some light on the story of the two violins. All he knew was that they were made by the same Italian maker and that for over two hundred years one of them disappeared, to resurface just about a month ago at an auction. Luckily it was acquired by the museum and now his task was to discover what happened those two hundred years.” LouiseA.

“Two violins, two star-crossed lovers, a haunting melody and a long-lost letter.”

Excerpts Nuit blanche -14

Stories for ” A Non-Entropic State of Mind”:

A Nonentropic State of Mind

“Smugglers called <the orchestra> hid items in instruments cases and tried to cross the border with them. The US border guard’s hobby was, by chance, violins. He asked if he could see the violin in the case. When he opened the case and found the smuggled items he confiscated all and arrested everybody. But as he was taking the items to the custom office he dropped the case into the ocean. The case washed-up on the beach later on.” Lucas, 11 yrs old

” First mate, Edwin Goodfellow, travels the world in service of the British trading ship “The Balzac”. At each port of call while his fellow seamen entertain themselves with women and wine, Goodfellow pulls out his violin to earn his meal for the evening. Paid mostly in coin, with the occasional bottle, he is always prepared for the unforseen conflicts that may arise. Edwin Goodfellow, seaman, musician and gentleman abroad.” ShanaazG.

” A code machine disguised as a compass. Various coins , the passports of their day. Encoded instructions in a letter from a friend. The violin string broke when the bow was fired (the conductor was with them) backup close at hand. A message of success in a bottle. A spy battles the obvious.” RayS.

Excerpts Nuit blanche -16

Stories for ” Anisotropic Heartbeats induced by New Discoveries”:

Anisotropic Heartbeats Induced by New Discoveries

” In a little town somewhere in Europe a gentle family gathers around the table. As they prepare to eat their meal from the radio they hear the long awaited news that war has ended. Wine is poured in all glasses as everyone toasts to peace and to better, kinder times. It was then decided to keep the two empty bottles in the family, as a remembrance of a joyful day.”

“They listened to the radio all day and all night and all day and when they couldn’t listen anymore they played music on the clarinet all day and all night and all day and when they couldn’t play anymore they drank the wine all day and all night and all day and…”

Some stories for ” Vintage Reunion on Boltzmann’s Desk”:


” This is the story of one of those rare minds that have contributed to our understanding of the cosmos. Boltzmann was sitting at his desk questioning ideas and trying to make sense of the universe, reviewing over and over again his theory until the whole idea made sense.” GuadalupeM.

” The apothecary left his room for a while. Books and bottles gathered around the music score trying to decipher it. The objects were old, they needed glasses for reading but the ones on the table were missing the lenses. They looked around and looked around but soon had to stop as they could hear the apothecary returning.” AndrewP.

Excerpts Nuit blanche -5

Excerpts Nuit blanche -9

Stories for ” Some Quanta from Past Universes”:

Some Quanta from Past Universes

“The ship was sailing silently under the cover of the night. Just in the captain’s cabin a small light was indicating to the world that somebody was still awake. The captain ‘s log needed one more entry before the ship was to be abandoned. But how was one to describe this strange, New Land?”

“I found all those objects in the attic, in my grandparent’s old house, the little white one at the edge of the forrest. Some bottles have strange coloured dust at the bottom and there is a beautiful music score, one I’ve never heard before (I am a musician, you know). The porthole has an inscription on it but I need a magnifying glass for that. The brass one, I don’t know what it might have been used for but will continue to look, I know my grandma kept a diary, maybe some of the secrets will be revealed then.”

Excerpts Nuit blanche -33

Some stories for ” Search for the Perpetual Motion Machine of the Second Kind”

Search for the Perpetual Motion Machine of the Second Kind

“One night the tiny village on the Adriatic cost came under attack from invaders. It was just sheer luck that the trombone player was not asleep but out on the beach watching the rotating heavens. On seeing the strange ship and the famed pirates flag he run home and blasted with all his might a warning sound.” PaulS.

“A long time ago there was a mighty ship that went around the world, each time on a  bit of a different route. The ship  had the most amazing brass orchestra, twenty five musicians from all over the world, each one with his story and a unique instrument. Nobody knows exactly what happened but one night the ship disappeared, with all the people and all its treasures. Nothing was found for years until one day a fisherman on a little island in the Bermudes came to the surface with an old trombone and a rope. The trombone had a small “D” inscribed on it. It could have been the name of the owner or the place it came from. To this day, when gathered around the fire on the beach, the fishermen and their family retell the story of the mighty ship and try to guess what happened.” Elena 

Excerpts Nuit blanche -60





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