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Storytelling for Nuit Blanche

What are you doing on the day of Nuit Blanche??

Join “STORYTELLING FOR NUIT BLANCHE” on October 4th, during 4pm – 9pm, get inspired by stunning photography and find out the stories behind some of the objects captured in the photos.

You will also get a chance to create your own stories and to share them with others. We will provide you with pen and paper and will leave it all up to your imagination. You can write your own story or “join ” in someone else’s.

Of course, you will meet the artist, will get a chance to find out what inspired him to create the wonderful photographic series “EXCERPTS FROM THE BOOK OF ENTROPY”, as well as learn about entropy and the other fascinating laws of physics.

WHERE: TeodoraART Gallery, 214 Avenue Road.

WHEN: Saturday October 4th, 4pm – 9pm

Hope you will join us and feel free to invite your friends, art and science enthusiasts and anybody with a creative spirit and wild imagination!

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