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“Whispering Civilizations” on the night of Nuit Blanche

Critical acclaim and financial success are important to any artist, for sure. But nothing ever compares with having total strangers tell you that your art moves them deeply and changes them, that it makes them  happy.  That was the mood at Twist Gallery on October 5th during Nuit Blanche.

Instead of hearing from me though below are some images taken during the night as well as more comments people made in the visitor’s book:

Nuit Blanche-2

“Very impressive! I wish you good wind on your sails.” Manuela

Nuit Blanche-50

“It was toatly awesome!” Lucas (age 9)

Nuit Blanche-27

“Thank you for sharing your vision. I am greatly impressed with the effort you make to create your paintings and am overwhelmed by the results.” Daniel

Nuit Blanche-4

“Congratulations! Thought-provoking, thoughtful and rewarding. Thank you! Anthea

Nuit Blanche-19

“Utterly fascinating, a great work.” Robin P.

Nuit Blanche-7

“…this exhibition provides beautiful hope through graceful artistic reasoning. Brilliant and illuminating.” Michelle Segal

Nuit Blanche-15

“Some of the finest paintings I have ever seen.” Hanu

Nuit Blanche-46

“Thank you so much for the journey…The use of light is absolutely amazing…” Claire M

Nuit Blanche-49

For more photos :

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