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“Whispering Civilizations” Opening Night

A wonderful, inspiring, exciting opening night at Twist Gallery! An amazing crowd, curious, thoughtful, insightful, I thank you all for being there on one of the most important nights of my life!

Here are some remarks from the public as they were written down in the visitors’book:

“Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu is—hands down—the most naturally gifted artist I know. You will be awe-struck by his larger-than-life canvases and amazed by his attention to the minutest of details. You will not be disappointed if you go.”     Todd Barsanti

“A stunning journey through our existence. Thank you for your artistic optimism.”     Marianne Fedunkiw


“Congratulations Florin – this is so powerful, so strong and the analogy is perfect. Thank you for your mind, heart and soul.”   Ellen Shifrin


“Florin! Thank you so much for all the many years of study, intricate workings of thought, beauty, machinery and nature. You are a true artist deep from within. Your beautiful mastery of technique in light and form is inspirational to us all! Thank you for sharing this journey with us. We may be civilized after all. Bravo!” Katherine Birkett

“Congratulations Florin, a vision of the future that is brilliant and joyous!”  Beth Berton-Hunter


“Dear Florin, we are IMPRESSED!!! Love your work! you are an amazing, complex artist, philosopher, painter and creator.”     Mirela, Philip and Bogdan Barbulescu

“Oh Florin! Fantastique! Each painting is a stand alone, beautiful work of art in its own right. But together the series tells a story of humanity as yet still unfinished but so richly imagined.Thank you so much for your commitment to art, science and the visual story you have chosen to share with all of us tonight and with the world tomorrow.”   Shanaaz Gokool

“A staggering accomplishment!”  Wayne Smith

Florin! STUNNING! Here is to the Civilizations Genome!”  Nina Beveridge


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