About ” Whispering Civilizations” series

“….artists are probes in parallel universes, satellites exploring alternative existences…

How are civilizations born? How do they develop? How do they fall, disappear and are reborn again? What factors contribute to their evolution? Can art help science and philosophy? Can art help humanity find answers to fundamental questions about our stay here on Earth? Can art help in finding solutions?

The exhibition is more than a series of paintings, it should be seen as a “thought experiment” whose fundamental questions are “Is there a Genome of Civilizations? Are we able to decipher it?”

The paintings represent my quest to identify and to pinpoint essential moments of our existence. They are a personal vision of the history of civilizations. The tall ships are metaphors for civilization.

Our past is rather opaque. We don’t see or hear anything clearly. All that reaches us from the past are whispers. With each of my paintings the viewer will encounter those whispers.  I call them “gliding factors” – essential elements of our social, economical and political structures, of our humanity.

“Whispering Civilizations” attempts to draw a possible map of our past in the hope that it might help us reach a future thus avoiding a highly probable collapse.”

Whispering_Civilizations_EX2013_0001 Whispering_Civilizations_EX2013_0002